“Alexis Hightower delivers passionate acoustic soul…mesmerizing audiences with a dancer’s grace.” -Ebony.com

With musical influences that include Stevie Wonder, Alanis Morisette and Erykah Badu, Alexis Hightower brings glamour and groove to 21st Century Soul. Originally raised in Los Angeles, Alexis made the journey to New York City to develop her musical sound. Her music school consisted of working in NYC music clubs and hanging and playing with the best jazz, R&B artists and rising poets of the day. With roots in the avant garde New York music scene, Alexis has appeared onstage with artists like Roy Hargrove, Mums and Saul Williams, and has sat in on jam sessions with Wynton Marsalis, Al Foster and The Chronicle, to name few.

Alexis has been recognized by both press and performing rights organizations for her work as a singer, songwriter and musician. A proud member of ASCAP, Alexis was an opening act at the San Sebastian Music Festival in Donostia where she headlined and was dubbed by the press as the “Sweet Promise.” Austrian daily paper Noen and other international publications have noted Alexis’ graceful, soulful style, her musicality and onstage charisma. With the piano and drums at her command, Alexis is a triple threat with lyrics to go.

In 2003 Alexis toured with her band in Europe and the lower 48 states where she was received with acclaim. Her debut EP, “Lucy’s Blues,” shows off her blend of modern soul and live, acoustic performance. Her debut video, “Clap Your Hands,” was directed by award-winning photographer Gerard Gaksin, and features performances from the new album, including Alexis at the piano. Duane Eubanks (trumpet), George Farmer (bass), Steve Bargonetti (guitar), Ben Butler (guitar), and Marques Walls (drums) complete the line-up. Alexis also programs the album’s drums and plays synth instruments and samples.

Alexis’ new album, “The Show,” is due in early 2014.

“Lucy’s Blues” is available on iTunes. Download the EP for 7.99. Bonus video included!!
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